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Factors that influence adult neurogenesis as potential therapy


I participated as a second author and also illustrated the diagrams of the publication:


Adult neurogenesis involves persistent proliferative neuroprogenitor populations that reside within distinct regions of the brain. This phenomenon was first described over 50 years ago and it is now firmly established that new neurons are continually generated in distinct regions of the adult brain. The potential of enhancing the neurogenic process lies in improved brain cognition and neuronal plasticity particularly in the context of neuronal injury and neurodegenerative disorders. In addition, adult neurogenesis might also play a role in mood and affective disorders. The factors that regulate adult neurogenesis have been broadly studied. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms of regulating neurogenesis are still not fully defined. In this review, we will provide critical analysis of our current understanding of the factors and molecular mechanisms that determine neurogenesis. We will further discuss pre-clinical and clinical studies that have investigated the potential of modulating neurogenesis as therapeutic intervention in neurodegeneration.

Examining the non-pharmacological pain management effect of virtual reality in Egypt



There is a rising global interest in VR technology and its great benefits in clinical medicine. Our study focuses on evaluating the applicability of adopting VR therapeutic platforms by healthcare professionals in Egypt, this study also sheds light on some proposed models of end user adoption of new technologies, such as: extended technology acceptance model.
We are aiming to provide quantitative data about the efficacy of VR in pain management using VR headsets, the response of patients and their acceptance to such questionable technology. Furthermore, we will document the views of the healthcare professionals regarding cultural, educational and economic constraints that may act as a barrier against using VR with certain groups of people.

An independent research project in partnership with “Janssen Egypt" that aims to test  the Pain reduction effect of VR through distraction in geriatric multiple myeloma patients through measuring pain & stress levels in different circumstances. (under research)

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